Interface CacheManager

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AutoCloseable, javax.cache.CacheManager, Closeable
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public interface CacheManager
extends javax.cache.CacheManager
JSR-107 compliant CacheManager.
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    static class  CacheManager.Default  
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    <K,​ V,​ C extends javax.cache.configuration.Configuration<K,​ V>>
    createCache​(String cacheName, C configuration)  
    <K,​ V> Cache<K,​V> getCache​(String cacheName)  
    <K,​ V> Cache<K,​V> getCache​(String cacheName, Class<K> keyType, Class<V> valueType)  
    CachingProvider getCachingProvider()  
    void removeCache​(String cacheName)  
    default <T> T unwrap​(Class<T> clazz)  

    Methods inherited from interface javax.cache.CacheManager

    close, destroyCache, enableManagement, enableStatistics, getCacheNames, getClassLoader, getProperties, getURI, isClosed