Class SunJdk8Internals


public final class SunJdk8Internals
extends Object
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    • accessArray

      public static Object[] accessArray​(ArrayList<?> arrayList)
    • setSize

      public static void setSize​(ArrayList<?> arrayList, int size)
    • getLoadFactor

      public static float getLoadFactor​(HashSet<?> hashSet)
      My god. How incompetent can one be: they provide a constructor for configuring the load factor, but they provide no means to querying it. So if a hashset instance shall be transformed to another context and back (e.g. persistence), what is one supposed to do? Ignore the load factor and change the program behavior? What harm would it do to add an implementation-specific getter?

      Not to mention the set wraps a map internally which is THE most moronic thing to do both memory- and performance-wise.

      So another hack method has to provide basic functionality that is missing in the JDK. And should they ever get the idea to implement the set properly, this method will break.

      hashSet -
    • getLoadFactor

      public static float getLoadFactor​(HashMap<?,​?> hashMap)
    • getLoadFactor

      public static float getLoadFactor​(Hashtable<?,​?> hashtable)
    • getLoadFactor

      public static float getLoadFactor​(LinkedHashMap<?,​?> linkedHashMap)
    • getAccessOrder

      public static boolean getAccessOrder​(LinkedHashMap<?,​?> linkedHashMap)
    • accessArray

      public static Object[] accessArray​(Vector<?> vector)
    • getElementCount

      public static int getElementCount​(Vector<?> vector)
    • setElementCount

      public static void setElementCount​(Vector<?> vector, int size)
    • getCapacityIncrement

      public static int getCapacityIncrement​(Vector<?> vector)
    • setCapacityIncrement

      public static void setCapacityIncrement​(Vector<?> vector, int size)
    • accessDefaults

      public static Properties accessDefaults​(Properties properties)
    • setDefaults

      public static void setDefaults​(Properties properties, Properties defaults)
    • accessArray

      public static Object[] accessArray​(PriorityQueue<?> priorityQueue)
    • setSize

      public static void setSize​(PriorityQueue<?> priorityQueue, int size)