Class ConstList<E>

All Implemented Interfaces:
Iterable<E>, CapacityCarrying, ExtendedBag<E>, ExtendedCollection<E>, ExtendedList<E>, ExtendedSequence<E>, Sized, XGettingBag<E>, XGettingCollection<E>, XGettingList<E>, XGettingSequence<E>, XImmutableBag<E>, XImmutableCollection<E>, XImmutableList<E>, XImmutableSequence<E>, XIndexIterable<E>, XIterable<E>, XJoinable<E>, ThreadSafe, IdentityEqualityLogic, HashImmutable, Composition, Copyable, Immutable

public final class ConstList<E>
extends AbstractSimpleArrayCollection<E>
implements XImmutableList<E>, Composition, IdentityEqualityLogic
Immutable implementation of extended collection type XGettingList.

For mutable extended lists (implementors of XSettingList, XList), see FixedList, LimitList, BulkList.

As instances of this class are completely immutable after creation, this list is automatically thread-safe.

Also note that by being an extended collection, this implementation offers various functional and batch procedures to maximize internal iteration potential, eliminating the need to use the ill-conceived external iteration Iterator paradigm.

0.91, 2011-02-28