Class Empty<E>

Type Parameters:
E -
All Implemented Interfaces:
Iterable<E>, CapacityCarrying, ExtendedBag<E>, ExtendedCollection<E>, ExtendedList<E>, ExtendedSequence<E>, Sized, XGettingBag<E>, XGettingCollection<E>, XGettingEnum<E>, XGettingList<E>, XGettingSequence<E>, XGettingSet<E>, XImmutableBag<E>, XImmutableCollection<E>, XImmutableEnum<E>, XImmutableList<E>, XImmutableSequence<E>, XImmutableSet<E>, XIndexIterable<E>, XIterable<E>, XJoinable<E>, ThreadSafe, HashImmutable, Copyable, Immutable, Stateless

public final class Empty<E>
extends Object
implements XImmutableList<E>, XImmutableEnum<E>, Stateless
Empty dummy collection to be used as a constant and stateless empty collection placeholder.

As there is no element at all, this type can be a List and a Set (Enum) at the same time, enabling it to be used in any type situation.