Class AbstractBinaryHandlerNativeArray<A>

All Implemented Interfaces:
BinaryTypeHandler<A>, PersistenceDataTypeHolder<Binary>, PersistenceTypeDefinition, PersistenceTypeDescription, PersistenceTypeHandler<Binary,​A>, PersistenceTypeIdentity, PersistenceTypeIdOwner, PersistenceTypeLink
Direct Known Subclasses:
AbstractBinaryHandlerNativeArrayPrimitive, BinaryHandlerNativeArrayObject

public abstract class AbstractBinaryHandlerNativeArray<A>
extends AbstractBinaryHandlerCustom<A>
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    • hasPersistedVariableLength

      public final boolean hasPersistedVariableLength()
      Description copied from interface: PersistenceTypeDefinition
      Provides information if two instances of the handled type can have different length in persisted form.

      Examples for variable length types:

      • arrays
      • java.lang.String
      • java.util.ArrayList
      • java.math.BigDecimal

      Examples for fixed length types:

      • primitive value wrapper types
      • java.lang.Object
      • java.util.Date
      • typical entity types (without unshared inlined variable length component instances)
    • hasVaryingPersistedLengthInstances

      public final boolean hasVaryingPersistedLengthInstances()
      Description copied from interface: PersistenceTypeDefinition
      Provides information if one particular instance can have variing binary length from one store to another.

      Examples for variable length instances:

      • variable size collection instances
      • variable size pesudo collection instances like java.util.StringBuilder
      • instances of custom defined types similar to collections

      Examples for fixed length instances: