Class BinaryStorer.Default

All Implemented Interfaces:
BinaryStorer, PersistenceFunction, PersistenceLocalObjectIdRegistry<Binary>, PersistenceObjectIdRequestor<Binary>, PersistenceStoreHandler<Binary>, PersistenceStorer, PersistenceStoring, Storer
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Enclosing interface:

public static class BinaryStorer.Default
extends Object
implements BinaryStorer, PersistenceStoreHandler<Binary>, PersistenceLocalObjectIdRegistry<Binary>
Default implementation that stores referenced instances only if required (i.e. if they have no OID assigned yet, therefore have not been stored yet, therefore require to be stored). It can be seen as a "lazy" or "on demand" storer as opposed to BinaryStorer.Eager.
For a more differentiated solution between the two simple, but extreme strategies, see PersistenceEagerStoringFieldEvaluator.