Interface EmbeddedStorageFoundation<F extends EmbeddedStorageFoundation<?>>

Type Parameters:
F - the "self-type" of the EmbeddedStorageManager implementation.
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public interface EmbeddedStorageFoundation<F extends EmbeddedStorageFoundation<?>>
extends StorageFoundation<F>
A kind of factory type that holds and creates on demand all the parts that form an EmbeddedStorageManagerinstance, i.e. a functional database handling logic embedded in the same process as the application using it.

Additionally to the services of a mere factory type, a foundation type also keeps references to all parts after a EmbeddedStorageManager instance has been created. This is useful if some internal logic parts shall be accessed while the EmbeddedStorageManager logic is already running. Therefore, this type can best be thought of as a foundation on which the running database handling logic stands.

All set~ methods are simple setter methods without any additional logic worth mentioning.
All set~ methods return this to allow for easy method chaining to improve readability.
All get~ methods return a logic part instance, if present or otherwise creates and sets one beforehand via a default creation logic.