Interface Flag

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public interface Flag
A wrapper for a mutable boolean type and convenience setting and getting methods.
  • Nested Class Summary

    Nested Classes 
    Modifier and Type Interface Description
    static class  Flag.Simple  
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    boolean isOff()  
    boolean isOn()  
    static Flag New()  
    static Flag New​(boolean state)  
    boolean off()  
    boolean on()  
    boolean set​(boolean state)  
    boolean toggle()  
  • Method Details

    • set

      boolean set​(boolean state)
    • on

      boolean on()
    • off

      boolean off()
    • isOn

      boolean isOn()
    • isOff

      boolean isOff()
    • toggle

      boolean toggle()
    • New

      static Flag New()
    • New

      static Flag New​(boolean state)